Jewelry Care

One of the first questions I get asked when people purchase a silver piece of mine is: Will it tarnish? The answer is yes. All sterling silver tarnishes over time, sometimes sooner than later depending on how often the piece is worn and how it is maintained. Do not let that be a "deal breaker" in terms of your decision to acquire silver jewelry. Silver is easy to clean. Here are some suggestions for keeping your jewelry in its best condition:
- TARNEX: a liquid sold in hardware stores used to strip the tarnish. Submerge your piece in the solution and watch the tarnish disappear. Use a soft toothbrush with soap and water to take off the Tarnex. Do not submerge pearls (or your hands!) in Tarnex.
- CONNOISSEURS Jewelry Cleaner for de-tarnishing silver
- Clean jewelry with a mix of baking soda , liquid soap and water
- Do not use a polishing cloth. My work does not have a polished finish and therefore the cloth will erode the sanded textures. 
- Store your jewelry in plastic zip bags/pouches or tarnish-resistant tissue to slow down the tarnishing process. 
NOTE: Do not use Tarnex or Connoisseur to clean oxidized pieces. It will strip the patina. Use a soft toothbrush with soap and water to clean.