Yes, welcome to my shop!

Check out the new MAXIMA cuff for 2019! Meant to commemorate a meaningful or significant event in this year, the cuff is designed in sterling silver with the year 2019 written in Roman numerals: MMXIX. Look for it in the bracelet collection! If you have a dear one graduating or an anniversary or special birth year, this is a perfect and memorable gift...even for oneself!

As always, most of my pieces are hand fabricated and hand finished in sterling silver or 18kt gold bimetal and gold. Metal smithing contemporary jewelry is almost becoming an archaic approach. So many alternative materials are being used in studio jewelry today. I still love working in metal and my personal touch can be "felt" in each piece. I accent areas of the body with "mini sculpture", introducing forms that complement or define the space. The relationship between the piece and the wearer is an intimate and personal one and must "feel" right, conveying one's sense of self and exuding inner strength and balance. In some ways, jewelry can be our personal armor, anchoring us and reflecting our confidence with grace.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my work should you not find any information you need. I have also updated my return policy. Do check that out. It will make shopping easier for you!