During these troubling and disconcerting  times , not knowing what the future brings, I , personally, would love to get a special piece from someone to cheer me up, to feel loved and comforted! A piece of jewelry can be just perfect.

 From the beginning of time the ancient ritual of body ornamentation has been a form of communication or "branding".
Cultural identity , personal status , belief systems , self-expression , wealth and power have all been communicated through armor , regal regalia , weapons , tattoos and piercings , or jewelry from a particular , culture , clan , tribe or royal family.
Thus, wearing jewelry is a personal and intimate expression of who we are, and what we identify with. My pieces , certainly my one-of-a-kind, strive to become personal "icons" or expressions of "inner power" for the wearer. Looking back to ancient culture and architecture, I look for the essence of form: the spirit, the balance, and the elemental .