During these troubling and disconcerting  times , not knowing what the future brings, I , personally, would love to get a special piece from someone to cheer me up, to feel loved and comforted! A piece of jewelry can be just perfect.

I'm offering a 20% discount on my in-stock pieces. 

 The Maxima MMXX (2020) Cuff is now available! Because this has been a very tough year and will continue to be for some time, it may be difficult to keep in mind joyous and memorable events or dates that have or will occur in 2020. Don't forget  to commemorate them for your loved one's and for yourself. The cuffs are designed in sterling silver with the year 2020 written in Roman numerals. MMXX.

 From the beginning of time the ancient ritual of body ornamentation has been a form of communication or "branding".
Cultural identity , personal status , belief systems , self-expression , wealth and power have all been communicated through armor , regal regalia , weapons , tattoos and piercings , or jewelry from a particular , culture , clan , tribe or royal family.
Thus, wearing jewelry is a personal and intimate expression of who we are, and what we identify with. My pieces , certainly my one-of-a-kind, strive to become personal "icons" or expressions of "inner power" for the wearer. Looking back to ancient culture and architecture, I look for the essence of form: the spirit, the balance, and the elemental .

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding my work should you not find any information you need.