About The Work

 From the beginning of time the ancient ritual of body ornamentation has been a form of communication or "branding".
Cultural identity , personal status , belief systems , self-expression , wealth and power have all been communicated through armor , regal regalia , weapons , tattoos and piercings , or jewelry from a particular , culture , clan , tribe or royal family.
Wearing jewelry is a personal and intimate expression of who we are, and what we identify with. My pieces , certainly my one-of-a-kind, strive to become personal "icons" or expressions of "inner power" for the wearer. Looking back to ancient culture and architecture, I look for the essence of form: the spirit, the balance, and the elemental.
I also feel it is important for the piece to respond to the landscape of the body. Body ornamentation can be a sensual experience - be placed with intention , be felt , move or sway when worn. 

As always, most of my pieces are hand fabricated and hand finished in sterling silver or 18 KT gold bimetal and gold. Metal smithing and hand fabricating jewelry is almost becoming an archaic approach. So many alternative materials are being used in studio jewelry today. I still love working in metal and my personal touch can be "felt" in each piece. I accent areas of the body with "mini sculpture", introducing forms that complement or define the space. The relationship between the piece and the wearer is an intimate and personal one and must "feel" right, conveying one's sense of self and exuding inner strength and balance. In some ways, jewelry can be our personal armor, anchoring us and reflecting our confidence with grace.